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Welcome to TAMGE

Optical and Fiber Optic Test Equipment at discount prices. including; Noyes OTDR M200 - SM Single-mode, MM Multi-mode and Quad-mode,OTDR OFL 250 Single-mode,M700, OFL 200-1625 and OFL 200-1550 single-mode . Fujikura Fusion Splicer,FSM-11S/11R, FSM-18S and FSM-18R, FSM-30S and FSM-30R, FSM-40S and FSM-40R, FSM-60S and FSM-60R12. Sumitomo Fusion Splicers and Splicer Kits; Type-25ES, Type-25EM, Type-25EU, Type-39, Type 66, FC-6 cleaver, FC-7R cleaver, Lynx2 connectors, 65M24,. Fitel Fusion Splicers; S122C, S122M, S123, S153, S177A, S178, S325A cleaver, LBT-101. Noyes Optical Power Meters, Optical Light Sources, Noyes Fiber Rings, Fiber Optic Loss / Return Loss Test Sets, Fiber Optic Inspection Microscopes, Visible Laser Sources, Fiber Optic Talk Sets, Fiber Optic Attenuators, Fiber Identifiers, Fiber Optic Cleavers and strippers, and Cleaning Supplies.EXFO AXS-110 and FOT-932x. TAMGE also can quote ( recertified, refurbished and calibrated OTDRs, Fusion Splicer and all product line offerings of fiber optic test equipment for measuring, maintaining and documenting the performance of fiber optic networks.

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